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1st to 27th of August, 1762

As Maj.-Gen. Lawrence was of opinion, that the  settlements would be in danger if more forces were  drawn from the coast, the two battalions of the company’s troops, all the cavalry, six thousand Seapoys, with the part of Col. Monson’s, and the highlanders, then at Madrass, were left for their security. The Medway, York, and Chatham, that were hourly expected, had orders left for them to remain for the protection of the trade. We sailed, with the Admiral’s division, the first of August. The Seahorse, Capt. Grant, was previously dispatched through the streights of Malacca to the entrance of the China sea, to stop all vessels that might be bound to Manila, or sent from any of our neighbouring settlements to give the Spaniards notice of the design.

Commodore Tyddyman, with the first division of the fleet and troops under Col. Monson, sailed two days before us, that our watering might be more speedily completed at Malacca; where we arrived the nineteenth of August. We there bought up a large quantity of rattans to make gabions, a good number of which was finished on board the several ships. The twenty-seventh we sailed for our second rendezvous, off the island of Timon. The necessary signals and instructions were then given for landing on the coast of Luconia.