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Tuesday, December 5th. [1848]

I called again on Mr. Griswold, at Russell & Sturgis’, to get my affairs with the authorities settled. They kindly become bondsmen to the government, giving security to a considerable amount for my behavior, debts, &c., and sign the letter requesting permission for me to remain in Manilla ; but it was too late for the authorities to be found in their offices to-day.

I visited, with Señor B., the house of a Spanish lady. We saw the step-mother, and a pretty young lady, who played the piano and sung very well. I had some conversation, through Mr. B., who interpreted: She inquired particularly about my family in America, and was amused to learn that it comprised so many doctors. She gave me a cordial invitation to the house whenever I chose to call; or, if I wished to practise music (as I told her I was fond of hearing it), her piano was at my service any time.

The interview was rather amusing, yet stupid for me. Only a few such Spanish words coming to my mind as ” gracias ” (thank you), ” buenos noches ” (good-night), very good, very well, and such terms ; and some of these came in pretty often ; for, if she did not wish to wait for the interpretation, she would address the Spanish directly to me, and I felt obliged to answer something at once.