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Wednesday, December 6th. [1848]

Mr. Sturgis very politely took me in his carriage, and accompanied me to the government buildings within
the city walls or fortifications. ” The decree had not yet fallen ” from the governor, and we returned without accomplishing anything. At evening a company of native musicians came in, and gave us tunes from their instruments, and melodies from their voices. A little boy and girl of their number danced polkss and waltzed. There were two other Indians performing on the flute and violin at the other end of the hall, each group facing the other; and we had music from both parties alternately, though they were competitors.

The orang-outang had another flare-up with me to-day, because I left him too suddenly. He stood holding his head pensively in my lap ; and, as soon as I started to go, he threw himself on the floor, and, screaming, rapidly knocked his head, then chased after me, and, not being able to catch me, would again whirl over sprawling on the floor, catching at the legs of the tables and chairs, and screaming with all his power.

Some time after, he watched his opportunity, and, before I knew it, had hold of my leg, to which he clung tight, till he had, hand-over-hand, got his arms around my body. it was some time before I could release myself from him, which was not till I had allowed him to remain a while, to become pacified.