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Sunday, December 10th. [1848]

After breakfast I rode with Mr. Napper and other friends, and passed un Indian cock-fight, in an amphitheatre. We went in and witnessed a number of combats, but left on seeing one cock killed by his adversary. It seemed cruel to arm them with such sharp and pointed weapons which were made hollow to slip over the spurs, with an edge as sharp as a razor, and shaped like a curved penknife-blade. The cock that was killed und his antagonist had not fought a minute before they both fell, at the same time, one on the other, apparently lifeless, As they ‘thus lay, great tumult arose among those betting or interested in the game to decide which was the conqueror; for the dollars which lay in small piles around were ready to be claimed by the winning side. In the midst of the dispute and excitement, when the decision was about to be made in favor of the one which fell at the top, the one underneath jumped up and ran off. Then came a shout and hurra, and it was immediately decided that the one which ran away was beaten, and the dead cock remained the conqueror. The proprietors of the establishment, for a license, pay the government ten thousand dollars a year. They charge twelve and a half cents as an admission fee, and receive a certain percentage of all the money staked. Hundreds of cocks were there, tied up by one log in different places around the grounds, ready for a combat.

Two American men-of-war, telegraphed yesterday, came in this afternoon. I went on board the “Plymouth” with Mr. Nupper, and met several friends.