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Thursday, December 7th. [1848]

I called again, with Mr. Sturgis, on the officials, and signed a paper, which Mr. 8. also signed, becoming my security.

A large snake, of the anaconda species, fourteen feet long, was taken by the Indians this morning from a pile of wood and rubbish, and fastened by his neck to a pole. Around that he twined, like the serpent of Moses, and thus exhibited himself in the court-yard of the hotel.

After dinner I rode with Señor Barado, to take a view of the buildings in the city proper — the chapels, cathedral, nunnery, lady’s college, government buildings, tobacco-house, fortifications, execution ground, &c. We Passed gan of criminals in irons, returning from their labor to prison, guarded by armed soldier attendants. The public buildings had a very ancient appearance, being blackened by age and covered with moss, sprouts of vegetable matter, and little plants. At evening we called at Señor B.’s house, and there took of chocolate and sweetmeats. Two Indian servants played the guitar and flute, while we waltzed with some of the ladies. We then rode again into the city, and listened to fine music from the bands in front of the governor’s house, and on the Calzada.

Yours, &c.,