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28 Mayo 1884

Anoche para darnos la despedida vinieron muchos; el que primero llegó fue Rizal. Tenía yo puesto el matiné que me he hecho con la tela que Rizal me regaló y causé gran efecto. Se lo enseñé diciéndole:

–Y a vé Vd. que he cumplido mi palabra; he vestido una muñeca.

Estuvo Rizal significativo y más atrevido que otras veces, y con esto quiero decir que me dijo algunas cosas más claramente; pero como siempre, se valía de otras personas y de imágenes para expresarme lo que quería decir. Me agrada el tener que adivinar su pensamiento velado con sin número de metáforas y eufemismos, cosa no muy difícil teniendo como tengo la clave.

Rizal was very happy the other night. I asked him if he was going to the Retiro in the morning and he believed undoubtedly that I was going and he said “yes.” He imagined I was giving him a rendezvous and his countenance became animated; but it didn’t take him long to be convinced that it wasn’t true.

Last night many came to bid us farewell. Rizal was the first to arrive. I had on a morning cape that I had made out of the cloth that Rizal had given me as a present. I made a grand impression. I showed it to him saying: “So you see I’ve fulfilled my promise; I’m dressed like a doll.”

Rizal was expressive and bolder than other times, and I mean by this that he told me some things more clearly; but, as always, he used other persons and images to tell me what he wanted to say. It pleases me to have to divine his thoughts veiled with innumerable metaphors and euphemisms, a thing which is not very difficult for me to understand as I have the key.

The diary ends here.