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February 2-10, 1897

We proceeded to the caves of Montalban, making our way over enormous white rocks bathed with crystalline waters coming from a spring which sang along its way. We saw small fishes playing on the river. We entered the cave carrying torches. We failed to reach the farthest end of the cave because of its distance. It is said that an Englishman went around the cave for four days without having reached its farthest end. We planned to go through the Pasig River, but we feared that the enemy might discover us. Thus, we preferred to wait for the weapons which were expected from Imus. We decided to return to Makabod passing through Santo Cristo and spending the night in Pala-pala. From Pala-pala we went to Garay. We separated in Banaban. Our group then proceeded to Matiktik, and from Matiktik to Kakaron, from Kakaron to Pitpitan, and from Pitpitan to Paombong.