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June 20, 1898

Land sighted at 5 a.m. Ordered below at 6.30 off Agana. Hove to at 7.30. ‘Charleston’ went ahead and sneaked into the harbour entrance. Heavy fog and rain. At 7.30 a.m. ‘Charleston’ commenced bombarding the fort. firing 13 shells without response. We found later that the first shot fired was a little low but the others hit the mark and demolished the fort. ‘Charleston’ sailed into the harbour and anchored. At 11 am. Spanish Officers from the town came out and boarded ‘Charleston’ and were very surprised to find themselves prisoners-of-war! They had come out to apologise for not having ammunition to return our ‘salute’! The ‘Peking’ anchored in the harbour at 2 pm. For some time before entering the harbour at Guam a white bird had flown ahead of the steamer. ‘Charleston’ commenced coaling at 4 p.m.