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Lunes 20 de Junio 1898

(…) Se espera con mucha ansia que nuestra escuadra llegue dentro de poco. Los yanquis han reunido toda su escuadra á la entrada del puerto de Cavite y han enviado afuera al ”Baltimore”. Créese que por estar este barco muy averiado desde el Iº de Mayo, lo resguardan los yanquis del próximo combate.

Aguinaldo published two days ago a dictatorial decree, in which, after a pompous salute to the Filipino people, he issues appropriate orders for the establishment of a Philippine Republic. On this date, he has published instructions on the government of the provinces and towns. The different chapters of these instructions deal with the holding of meetings, the formation of police forces and their duties, the formation of judicial courts, civil registers and census, the titling and taxing of property. It closes with the legalization, with savage cruelty, of civil marriage contracts which it does not even call “marriage.”