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Monday, Oct. 24th, 1898

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

We are living in troublous times here on the Philippines at the present writing. Rumors of a clash with Aguinaldo’s men are rife. Is it a baseless excitement? It would be a reflection on our officers if they were timid & fearful like so many frightened jack rabbits. Soldiers of various regiments have been kept in their barracks since last Friday. Some have orders to keep ready by sleeping in their clothing & on their arms for instant actions. Manila is in danger of attack any night from the Filipinos. Night is their chosen time for such work. Some men say he claims that he has 90,000 men & will take the city the 27th of the present month – such preparations are disquieting.

Visitors to No. 2. 4.

Private Chas. Nelson L. Co. 13th Minn. Vol. Inf. called half sick, despondent & backslidden. Was given straight talk. Kneeled down & confessing his sins to Christ was pardoned. N – went away in better spirits & promised to help me fight. Gave him for free distribution War Cry (S.F.) 7 copies July 16th No. 555; 17 cop. Sept. 3d No. 562 for his comrades & 41 copies July 23d No. 556 for the General Hospital patients.

Private Chester Blaney of 10 Pennsylvania Vol. Inf. brought his comrade Salvationist Private Wm Stauffer of Co. H. Prayed with them, have the for distribution in Co’s A. & C. 45 copies of S.F. War Crys No. 562, Sept 3rd. Blaney brought me 3 copies New York War Cry. — I had a headache all day.