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Monday, October 24th, 1898

This is a dandy day it raignen pretty near most of the time the other half of our Company goes on Outpost things are quiet around Quarters I am not any better but the Cramps have almost left me in the Evening changed Medicine we have all Kinds of Rumors in Regards of disposing of the Philipine Island the straight is that the Insurgent establich a independent Government and the protection of the US and England all of us hope that it may be true as we goe to bed to wind is blowing terrible and the Rain is comming down in Torents Knotts Miller G. Conn McMaster and JH. Asendorf are on the Sick List.

This is a dandy day. It rained pretty near most of the time. The other half of our Company goes on outpost. Things are quiet around quarters. I am not any better, but the cramps have almost left me. In the evening changed medicines. We have all kinds of rumors in regards to disposing of the Philippine Islands. The straight is that the insurgents establish an independent government with the protection of the United States and England. All of us hope that it may be true. As we go to bed the wind is blowing terribly and the rain is coming down in torrents. [George] Knotts, [George] Miller, [George] Conn, [Albert] McMaster and [John H.] Asendorf are on the sick list.