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Friday 12-2-98

Very hot. 95°. 3rd battalion left Wednesday for an outpost. 1st batt. on cascos at 9 a.m. Hot, oh Hot, pitch bubbled out of deck seams. British cruiser anchored, saluted flag 21 guns. On launch at 1.30, towed Cascos to Customs House where the batt. disembarked and marched to barracks. I went with Headquarters & with lots of kicking shouting & angry looks at the lazy Chinese, got all the desks &c loaded on a cart drawn by the laziest buffaloes on earth. Set up office & soon got to work –nearly 5000 women work in this factory. “Compania General de Tabocos [Tabacos] de Filipinos [Filipinas]. Slept on hard bamboo couch. Too busy for details.