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Thursday, Dec. 8th, 1898

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

A feeling of gloom rested upon me today. Down on the Escolta met 2, 13th Minnesota soldiers, Glazier confessed himself backslidder. Advised him to return to Christ. He informed me that Fallon of same reg’t is also on the backtrack. Is in the hospital is convalescing from typhoid fever. Hazier & another Salvationist heard about the action of Keppels & wife going over to the volunteer & that rumor says Lieut-Col. Punter French is likely to do likewise. This news confirming my fears re the Keppel made me sad. The preparation going on in military circles lead me also to think are on the verge of a war with Aguinaldo’s insurgents. Some scout the idea, but the movements among the troops is ominous. I saw post of the Nebraska regiment passing down Calle del Rosario with their baggage en route to the trenches. News comes tonight that part of the 3d heavy artillery are packing tents & baggage for the trenches.

While passing along the drygoods bazaar on Calle del Rosario I saw a Chinese & Spanish sailor fighting. Separated them.

Received a letter from Dr. T.R. Keefer granting me permission to hold services in the 2d Reserve Hospital, Malate. Praise God.

Walked over to the Palace in Old Manila. Gave Mr. McCullough a job to print some Soldier’s Passes. He will change $5 U.S. coin for 200. I am having these printed as a temporary measure until such blanks or forms are sent here either by the U.S. or Australia. I want to secure for the Army such converts & recruits as are ready for swearing in.

After supper Bro. Frank Amie got a carimata [carromata] for me. Together we drove to the quarters of the 1st Bat. 1st Montana Vol. Inf. Bros. Hives, Berry & Lloyd prepared the dining room for our accommodation, arranged the seats & lamps. Had an audience of about 100 men who came in to hear my gramophone. Admission price 25 cents U.S. coin. Many were credited. Audience clapped repeatedly. Seemed pleased with the exhibition, & opened it with prayer. _ Visitors at No. 2. 5 about.

The steamship “Newport” has arrived – her second voyage – at Manila from California – I met Capt. Saunders on the Escolta today. He invited me to come aboard.