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Thursday 12-8-98

With G. Peterson and R.J. Moore, full belts and heavy marching order, we were mounted at 7 a.m. and marched out to Blockhouse No. 11 where we relieved the Idahos. House 30 x 30 banked to 1st loop holes, ladder to 2nd story — double walls filled with sand. A ladder leads to the lookout. The insurgent lines were only 100 yds. and we could hear them relieve guard. Aguinaldo’s hd’q’rs and flag were ¼ mi. away across the creek. Our reinforcements were ¾ mi. to rear. Could see ins.[urgents] drilling during the day anf signal smoke rose at different places. Went up and talked awhile to the ins. pickets and traded cartridges. A large convent is close within our lines and the veils worn by the ladies are as fine as spider webs. And they dressed in fine silks. All night long we watched their signal lights and altogether it was a very exposed position. The guard came across creek once but guns in American hands were too much for them. We drove them back. The first real duty I have had, and I was honored in being chosen the first of the regiment. This was a hotly contested place during the fighting about Manila and I picked up a number of bullets. Was relieved at 6:30 a.m.