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Friday, Dec. 16th, 1898

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

Yesterday was exciting because of expected fight with the Filipinos; less excitement to day but not less critical. Private Amie says the Filipinos are throwing up entrenchments & fortifying themselves. Probably they mean to fight the Americans. Our picket lines are being strengthened.

Remained at home this forenoon & wrote an anecdote for the “American Soldier” & “Incidents of Campaigning Days” entitled “Struck Bottom”. Sent it to Private Isaac Russell the Editor.

Visitors 17.

Manila’s streets are not so populous of late as a few days ago. There are many more troops in the city but they are kept in their quarters ready for battle.

Captain and Mrs. Spicer called to see Rev. & Mrs. Owens this forenoon. The Captain related to me that 35 native Salvationists well dressed & speaking good English came on board his ship the “Glooscap” in November 1897 from the island of Pengalape one of the Caroline group. They bought all the bibles they could get. There are three small islands together containing a population of 800 souls.

I went to post office; no mail for me. Purchased groceries.

The Lord encouraged me with more visitors than I expected to see, considering these days of trouble & threatened bloodshed.

Cooked breakfast & supper & fasted dinner time.

Following supper led the holiness meeting in Calle No. 2. Present 15 soldiers. The Holy Ghost was present. Testimonies free. At the close Frank Freeman of the Montana’s who sought Jesus at our tent meeting in San Miguel came forward again. He is evidently sincere. God bless him. Hines told a beautiful incident re him: After meeting his comrades re him, offered drinks etc. Bore it: finally said “Boys let us pray about it”. Got on his knees. Stampede of persecution.

A backslidder Salvationist also came forward & professed to get victory in Christ Jesus – Private F. Rathmoumer of L. Battery 3d Art’y. Glory to God for the victories. The Lord won.

After meeting closed the following comrades signed the articles of war & were sworn in as soldiers up the Salvation Army: Private Clayton J. Scott D. Co. 1st North Dakota. This comrade had been a Salvationist, but left the S.A. & did the work for an evangelist.

Private Frank Amie, H. Battery 3d Reg’t Heavy Artillery was a backslider. Saved over in our meeting in Honolulu. Archer E. Temple, Hospital Corps 2d Reserve Hospital was the third. More are to follow.

War Crys sent out to the U.S. troops today (Old numbers)

Private Schurmerhorn,  to 2d Oregon Volunteer                           50 copies.

Private Sam Jensen to 1st Washington       “                                   50   “

Private Archer Temple to 2d Reserve Hopital Patients               10 “   (new 571)

Private Clayton Scott to U.S. Quartermasters force Old Manila 10 “