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Friday, January 20th, 1899

This has been a most beautifull day we goe through regular drills have 7 men on Guard and 11 on Outpost I worked at Headquarters all day this being regular Issue day this time we have to doe without Potatoes none on Hand but we recieve some Salt Macrel and Cod Fish many arrest are made this day and several where shot the “Amerikan” was not pupliched today by Order of General Ottis who personaly invested in to the alleged charges against the Germans wich where without Foundation we still remain in our Quarters and are not allowed to leave much grumbling is heard where most every Soldier and Officer is denouncing the great Men at Home who are working so hard to retain theese Island we have 2 men in the General Hospital and Lt Howard at his Quarters across the Street Reports are out that the Cholera is broken out in the City

This has been a most beautiful day. We went through regular drills. We have seven men on guard and eleven on outpost. I worked at headquarters all day, this being regular issue day. We have to do without potatoes, none on hand, but we received some salt, mackerel and cod fish. Many arrests are made on this day and several were shot. The American was not published today by order of General Otis who is personally investigating the alleged charges against the Germans which were without foundation. We still remain in our quarters and are not allowed to leave. Much grumbling is heard where almost every soldier and officer is denouncing the great men at home who are working so hard to retain these islands. We have two men in the general hospital and Lieutenant Charles Howard at his quarters. Across the street reports are out that cholera has broken out in the city.