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Feb. 13, 1899

Went to left of our line today. Took 5 pictures. Was under fire nearly all day but was not allowed to return fire. Lieut. and some regulars did shooting. Battery opened up once. Several of our men wounded.

We were in plain sight of Malabon. Passed through Caloocan. Battery on river just outside of Caloocan. The line out from town is a desolate sight. Houses burned. Huts shot down wearing apparel scattered round. Dogs howling. Deserted inturshments [instruments]*. Cartridges scattered on edge of town while flags at each hut nearly all deserted. Soldiers chasing pig. Soldier drinking glass water saying :”Would it not be funny if a shot should knock the glass out of my han.” Just then tyrnn zip and a bullet came so to him that he choked himself in dodging. Everybody dodges. One Corporal, a tall skinny fellow went out in front of trenches in plain sight but no one fired at him, I was with Barrett, Kaltz & Hill. Returning came in on railroad. Visited and took pictures of battery. Ho Ho [Binondo] fell today. No men lost.

*Philippine Diary Project disagrees with this reading and suggests [entrenchments] more logical.