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Thursday, March 2nd, 1899

The Night and day has been pretty and every thing is quiet every where there is hardly a Shot fired but Dewys Cannon are heard in the far distance Buisnes wich has allmost been at a stillstand is resuming again we have at the Hospital Lt Howar (Fever) McMaster (Light Fever) H. Daugherty (Rupture) Carl Debold (wounded) Jourg Rockwell wounded G Cuty wounded in the Quarter we 5 men sick but all are doing Guard duty

The night and day have been pretty. Everything is quiet everywhere. There is hardly a shot fired except Dewey’s cannons are heard in the distance. Business, which has almost been at a standstill, is resuming again. We have at the hospital Lt. [Charles] Howard (fever), McMaster (light fever), [Homer] Daugherty (rupture), Carl De Bolt (wounded), [George?] Rockwell (wounded) and [Gilbert] Cuite (wounded). In quarters we have five men sick but all are doing guard duty.