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March 25, 1899

Big battle occurred today. Worst of war. Gen. Wheaton’s brig. [brigade] on left of line comprising Oregon & three other reg. [regiments] made a demonstration before Malabon while Gen. McArthur moved whole division around and by Malabon so at present both wings of our army rest by Wabu surrounding Malabon in crescent formation. Otis telegraphed home he expected to capture 14,000 [in] a day or two. Oregon boys were in heaviest of fighting wading through marshes and climbing breastworks in fine style. We lost about 45 killed and wounded. Among dead are Ben Fayln [Fane], Guy Millard and several other of boys I knew were killed. Luis Brazee and young were wounded. Millard had dysenteria [dysentery] but went with regiment because boys of his company called him cold feet said he was not sick but afraid to go. He was killed while marching a useless though ordered charge down in expand causeway. As he fell he said “You boys can see I am no coward now” and died. Nothing worth noting today.