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Sunday, April 16th, 1899

Manila, Luzon Island – Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo

Clear sky tonight with the starts and crescent moon shining beautifully.

Shall we have an uprising before morning? Don’t know; hope not, heard the Utah sentries talking about the possibility of a “scrap”.

Corporal S. Krell of Co. K. 51st Iowa vol. Inf. Is staying with me. Have fixed him a shakedown on the floor of my bedroom & he has gone to rest thoroughly tired out. He also took supper with me which I cooked; fixed him myself some lemonade before before he retired. Corporal Krell gets 4 day furloughs from his officers to take photographs. Possesses many of the war. His regiment has been stationed at Cavite & vicinity since its return from Iloilo but is now taking the plane of the 10th Pennsylvania at the front.

Rev. & Mrs. Owens are still on the bay; they did not show up today.

This morning commenced active labor with Bible readings in Leviticus & Psalms. Cooked breakfast, washed dishes then got a lesson in John III for Bilibid.  Walked down there and arrived before Lt. Wolf and Provost Sergeant Ryan were thro’ inspecting the prison. I heard a lady say (she was sitting under the verandah facing the front gate) that _____ (probably the Salvation Army) did more good than any other organization. Its workers work hard & for less remuneration than other workers, never complain & put up with many kinds of inconveniences without a murmur when carrying on their work.

Provost Sergeant Ryan marched a long string of military prisoners up to where I was sitting in front of the Sergeant’s quarters. From there we all proceeded to another part of the enclosure where the civil prisoners are incarcerated. My audience amounted to 40 men, who took seats on the cots in the large room used for a prison ward. I was very thankful to my God, because Frank Caison who professed conversion in this room Sunday before last, stood up before his fellow prisoners & spoke for Jesus. He told me in answer to inquiry that he was keeping saved, praise God. Left some song books for the prisoners. My services is confined to ¾ of an hour. Makes me hurry too much.

I expected to visit the 1st Reserve Hospital this afternoon but changed my mind & wrote several pages for the War Cry re the S.A. & U.S. war in these parts. Have had but little time for writing; cooking & washing dishes make quite a large hole in my time.

Before Krell retired he & I prayed together.

I feel very tired & sleepy.

Read part of Consul Booth–Tucker’s self denial article in which she refers to her husband’s illness. Her writings are a great puzzle to me; seem so different from her administrative records.