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Wednesday, May 31st, 1899

Manila, Luzon Island – Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo Dist.

Last of May now for June. Would not care to call it the first summer month in this tropical land. Heavy clouds. Sun out at times. Alternate spells of heat & comparative coolness – latter caused by clouds over the sun & breezes.

Read a chapter of “Numbers” & a psalm, then prayed. After that cooked breakfast of bacon, oatmeal & cocoa. Rested myself by sitting in my front room & reading. Also wrote & copied a letter to Geo. Berry, Corregidor Hospital saying I will (D.V) visit the island Sunday or Monday next providing General Tarnsley puts on his excursion boat.

Called at the post office & mailed the letter. Received several War Crys. Three came from New York. Our National H. Q. does but little for me on that line. Three or 4 Chinese War Crys came, probably sent by Ensign May Jackson from HongKong. The edition is Numbered 14 and dated February 1899. This was probably published or rather printed in China. Is an experiment. The last edition preceding this one was gotten out by me & is No. 13 is for May 1898. Publication was about suspended after I ceased to be editor. The HongKong edition brings out several Philippine cuts. Perhaps they have printed one of my articles in Chinese.

Called at a Spanish barbershop on the Escolta & was shaved. Met Rev. Owens there. We bought some groceries etc. & returned home.

Afternoon I remained at home. Wrote “Weekly Letters No. 28” to Lieut.-Col. Alice Lewis, New York.

Rumor says the next aggressive campaign will be down in the directions of Paranaque & surrounding country.

Read two or three chapters or parts of do. in “Yesterdays in the Philippines”.

My coat was covered with dust & badly soiled by oil or grease caused by sitting on the greasy floor of the box car yesterday en route from San Fernando.

Bro. Devine called late this evening. We had a conversation on spiritual & other subjects. He seems to be gradually improving in health.