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August 20, 1899

The company being in the field stands no calls. Everything when one is not on duty is made as easy as possible. The only thing I do not like is breakfast at 5 A.M., which is before daylight. Breakfast today, oatmeal and syrup, coffee and fresh biscuit. Dinner, bacon and beans, potatoes and onions, rice pudding, coffee and bread. Supper, fresh meat, potatoes, coffee and bread. The water we drink is rain water, it rains every day, collected from the roof in large earthen pots that must hold over a barrel. It is filtered before we drink it. The sinks are across the street, over the San Fernando River. There is a well in the yard for washing. San Fernando, Province of Pampanga, about thirty English miles from Manila, about in the middle of the island from east to west. The railroad does not run across the island but to Dagupan on Bay of Lunganyen [Lingayen] on west coast. That is objective, I judge, of present advance. About seventy-five miles from Manila. Track not yet cleared (7 A.M.). Dagupan is about one-half way between Manila and north coast. About one-half of San Fernando has been burnt. Did my first looting this morning. Went into one of the deserted houses and took a native bed (bamboo) and carried it on my head to the barracks. One of our details just back was in a skirmish yesterday (no casualties).