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August 30, 1899

On map from 6 to 8.30 A.M., when I, our map being done, am leaving for Gen. McArthur’s headquarters to draw some maps for him. Health never better. Was tracing a map in Gen. McArthur’s headquarters. Put in a hard day’s work at it, harder than I ever did for the N. Y. T. Co., but did not get it done. The General seems a young man, but T., who served with him when he was a captain, fifteen years ago, tells me he must be nearly sixty. In my reconnaissance work I get a very good idea of the country, which is surprisingly rich and fertile. The soil seems to be a sort of loam mixed with sand. At least my shoes are always full of sand when I come back from a “hike.” A great number of streams which are very rapid, so rapid that it is difficult to ford them when they are waist deep and yet the country is flat. I judge the San Fernando River is affected by the tide as it seems to rise periodically.