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September 7, 1899

Spent the morning at Gen. McArthur’s headquarters tracing a map. It seems that that ladrone captured yesterday belonged to the native regiment that deserted Spain to fight for the insurrection. More natives in the town every day. It is significant of modern times that the only matches obtainable here are safety matches which are made in Japan. It seems strange that after joining the army to be rid of desk work I should have so much of it to do. I shall ask to be relieved if it threatens to be permanent. I think, and it is this that keeps me cheerful at it, that I will be sent out on the reconnaissance and get my chance again the next time there is anything risky on. I do not like the rear when there is a chance for adventure. We furnish train guard and two outposts now. The fist Iowa marched away for home yesterday. This is McArthur’s division. He has Wheeler (Fighting Joe), Lawton and Hall for Brigadiers. As far as I can place them the regiments are: the 9th, 12th, 17th, 22d Infantry, A Artillery, 4th Cavalry, B Engineers and Bell’s 36th Regiment of U.S.V. Drew most of the afternoon for the Captain.