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Nov. 29th, 1900

Relieved at San Fernando Police Station on evening of Nov. 14th by Company (J. R. M. Taylor’s) of 14th: marched following morning to Anda monument where bivouacked till afternoon of 16th, when we boarded the Warren. Sailed at four a.m. 18th for Batangas, arriving about 3 P.M. same day. Dis-embarked at 1.30 P.M. 20th, and marched same afternoon to San Jose, arriving about 8 P.M. distance 10 ½ m. Marched next morning to Lipa (7 ½ m) where we relieved 2 Cos of 38th volunteers. We have here Hdqrs. & 2 Cos. of 21stand one Troop 1st Cav’y (O. J. Brown’s). The town is a good one for this country, amd the climate thus far fine.