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End of July 1901

Messrs. Herrero and Martinez came to visit us one day, together with their families. They are Spanish mestizos and their daughters are considered to be among the prettiest in Agaña. Because of this, perhaps, Captain Shaw wanted to hold a little dancing, but this lasted hardly for one hour, as it was getting dark. A trio played two violins and one guitar, while Mr. Castro rendered two song numbers, showing off his talent to the visitors from Agaña.

Furthermore, since Captain Shaw took over the command, Father Palomo has been celebrating mass for the prisoners twice, in the chapel in the barrio of Asan.

Mr. Gerona, at his own request, is free to go to Agaña every day, and enter the court in order to assist Mr. Pressey, the American judge.

Some of our companions who have the means to live on their own have written to the Governor, asking him to allow them to live in Agaña in private houses on parole. Captain Shaw promised to support their petition.