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4th of August 1901

the Marine ship Solace has just arrived, bringing two captains and some lieutenants of the Marine Infantry on board. Captain Shaw came to inform us that he has orders to leave for the United States aboard the same ship. He will be replaced by the most senior of the captains who have recently arrived, Mr. W.N. McKelvy.

Don Pablo Ocampo presented him a gift on behalf of all the prisoners. It is a book of poems in English and the book is made of Japanese cloth with Japanese designs. Our other companions gave him silk handkerchieves as souvenirs. I gave him a tobacco case made in Baliwag with my initials on it and a dedication that reads:

“The Filipino prisoners of Guam will always admire Captain Melville James Shaw, for he has scrupulously accomplished his duties as a Commanding Officer without neglecting the gratuituous teaching of the English language…”

Knowing that the wife and daughters of the Governor will embark one of these days, in order to spend their vacation in Yokohama, Don Pablo Ocampo gave the former a smaller cloth-bound book of English poems with Japanese designs. This is our dedication:

“The Philippine prisoners of Guam cannot forget Mrs. Schroeder, as a living remembrance of the kind-hearted American lady.” (Signed by a committee.)

As a remembrance, the Captain gave us an Atlas which is in the possession of Don Pablo Ocampo. The governor’s wife went to the headquarters to thank the committee of prisoners.