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2nd of November 1901

Yesterday, the ship Yorktown arrived in this port from Yokohama, bringing on board former Governor Schroeder and his family. On account of this, I sent the Commandant of the establishment, the following letter:

“DEAR CAPTAIN: My companions and I, supposing that Commander Swift will soon leave this island, beg you to complement him, thanking him for all the attentions we have received and saying good-bye and many good wishes on our part.

We shall be much obliged to you also for giving, with our compliments, our most heartfelt welcome to Governor Schroeder and his family.

“Your most obedient servant.”

According to the newspapers, McKinley was wounded at three-thirty in the afternoon of September 6, and died at three o’clock in the morning of September 14, in Buffalo, New York.