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May 16, 1902

Received letter from Sultan of Bacolod, on file, stating that he and his people desired to be friends with the Americans. Datto Grande came in and arranged to visit him with troops. –Datto Seman of Bannas visited camp & brought letter from Bacolod above cited Seman is son in law of Ahmai Maniuilang of Madaya. –Letter of Bacolod was answered by Colonel Baldwin, on file. –Seman reported that Datto Adil of Pualas and the son of Sultan of Mamon is in Ingot in mountains and threatens to kill any Americans found out of camp in small parties. –This dattos father was killed near camp No. 3 where his people fired on the troops. Datto Grande reports cannot get horses stolen or taken from township Troop “A” 15th Cav. and says Dattos who have the horses want to fight. Sultan Luali of Buntig has 5 horses, and is said to have 80 fighting men. Sultan of Macin has 3 mules and 5 of the horses. Dinimind Sultan of, has 5 of the horses. And is said to have 50 fighting men. –Three of the horses are reported dead.  –Died or were killed at Bayan.