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August 19, 1914

I fall in for the first time. The company is redivisioned and assigned to its quarters. We are ten in our room. The infantry posts are completely manned by assigning the 1st Company to post No. 1; the 7th Company to Posts No. 2 and No. 3; the 3rd Company of the 3rd Batallion of Marines to post No. 5. The Alsen Hof and Iltis Fountain are designated as assembly-places for the wounded. At Li-tsun a field hospital ie being furnished. The steamer Paklat leaves Tsingtao with 260 women and children of the colony in the hope of reaching Tientsin. She was held up by British torpedo boats and accompanied to Wei-hai-wei. [After transferring these fugitives to an English steamer, they reached Tientsin only on the morn-
ing of August 25th.]