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August 18, 1914

At seven in the morning I return to barracks. During the forenoon I am examined and am found to be acceptable. The same afternoon we receive our uniforms.

The first real news about the Japanese ultimatum to Germany is becoming known. It reads as follows:

‘We find it necessary and important under the present circumstances to take precautions to remove the cause for all disturbances of peace in the Far East and to assure the safety of the combined interests as designated by the Japanese-British Alliance. The Imperial Government deems it its duty to advise the Imperial German Government to heed the following propositions:

“(1) To withdraw immediately all German warships from Japanese and Chinese waters, and to disarm immediately such ships as can not be withdrawn.

“(2) To turn over to the Imperial Japanese Government, without stipulations and indemnities, by the fifteenth of September, the whole of the leased territory of Kiaochow, which may then eventually be returned to China.

At the same time the Imperial Japanese Government advises the Imperial German Government, that, if the answer to the advice as expressed by the Imperial Japanese Government is not received without stipulations by noon of the twenty-third of August from the Imperial German Government, they shall be forced to take such steps as they deem necessary under the circumstances.”

Storm troops and volunteers are being trained as militia and volunteer firemen.