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Strike Camp, Middle St., Honolulu, T.H. May 20, 1924

Dear Diary:

Sorry, I couldn’t tell you anything last night when the dance was over because I was so tired and sleepy, but I was happy, ’cause I made $7.20. I counted it before I went to sleep and I gave it to Father this morning. I kept just a dollar for myself to spend on something I’d like to eat. Gee, I didn’t think I would make that much, but I did. And tonight there’s going to be dancing again. Hope I’ll make just as much as I did last night. Oh, there were only four girls that dance last night. The other two didn’t join in ’cause they say nice girls don’t dance at all. Marcela didn’t say that but Trinidad did. Gee, I wish one of these days she’d be really jealous about us making some money and she won’t, so that she will really join us. That way we’ll make her eat her words without us forcing her to. Cause she says too, that it’s bad for us girls to dance, ’cause dancing will lead us to something else later on. She’s just evil-minded, that’s all. Gosh, we just dance. I don’t see any harm in it, do you? These dancing isn’t anything like they have in dancehalls. The dancing we have here is just-clean-good-fun, for all of us here. Oh well, if that’s the way she feels about it, well, that’s up to her, eh Diary?