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Sunday Dec 19th 1926

Temp: Max. 88 Min. 77

The Slinghuffs called for us at 1100 a.m. to go to the Polo Club for a swim and to lunch. Bill had the watch, but I went on out with them –got Edna Platt at the Luneta. I watched them swim and about 1 o’clock Bill joined us for lunch –it was a lovely lunch. Then we drove back to the ship to change my dress and started out to make a few calls. Called on the Downes at the Manila Hotel, where we had drinks. Then walked over to the Luneta, got Edna and the children and went over to A. & N. Club, had some more drinks. The Hootons and Yorans joined us there. At about 7:30 Edna, the two girls, Bill & I went in to dinner –the Platt’s were our guests to dinner. After dinner we met Eleanore and Leo Davis, Mrs Freidson and several others I had known in Annapolis. The Seymores were there too.

The Downes joined us and we all went over to the Manila Hotel and danced and drank. I was so tried so we left about 11:30 for the ship and dardned glad to see that old ship’s bunk. At the Manila Hotel, Mrs Dow started everyone kissing everyone, of those who were sailing on the morrow, good-bye.

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