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March 6, 1936

Palting, who is an Ilocano, says of his people that they are never satisfied without some sum of money in the bank, while the Tagalogs spent everything they had “for tomorrow we die.” (Fable of the ant and the grasshopper!) He is insistent on a thorough reform of the Post Office bureau here; and also demands that something be done to prepare for the reception here of the Filipinos about to be repatriated by the United States.

Doria called at Malacañan on Mrs. Quezon by appointment but Mrs. Rodriguez who speaks only Spanish seems to have gummed the conversation. Mrs. Quezon said she had cut out half of her trip to the East Indies because Junior was not well. She came back from Singapore on an uncomfortable freighter; and now complains about the inconvenience of accommodations for her at Malacañan Palace. Commended the social custom at Government House in Singapore, where all guests left immediately luncheon was finished.