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Friday April 21, 1939

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Col. Eisenhower comes to see me today. He talks first about an inspection report. We then talk about our troubles. He tells me of MacArthur’s wrong ideas because he does not want to disagree with anyone. His pay is too great and he would not lose it for anything. Col E tells me that he has taken more on the chin than I have, that MacA has called him an ingrate and other names when he E chooses to disagree with him. He gives me a straight code thus — When money consideration looms larger than your desire to do the right thing you have nothing left in you. I tell him about what Manzano said some years ago and how I resented Manzano’s remarks about their honesty. I asked him about my future in this army and he said that I am singled out for something great by Pres. Q himself.