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Tuesday, March 26, 1940

Pres Q[uezon] explodes a bombshell in graduation exercises of [Philippine] Normal School. He now says that he does not believe any longer in the MacA[rthur] theory of defensibility of the islands against a major power.

MacA[rthur] should pack up and go home.

This move of Pres Q.[uezon] is interpreted by me as the first concrete move to have reexamination of independence question.

What he means by his statement is by 1946 the country will not be able to defend itself. This will then mean that we must be given more time to train an army. This could mean only one thing — extension of Commonwealth period. The confusion of thought caused by his insistent desire for independence nevertheless points to one thing — he wants others to go after the reexamination. He wants the people to lead in the reexamination problem.

The bad thing however is that the people may question the necessity & prudence of further expenditure for national defense if such is not sufficient to defend the country. As he makes or unmakes public opinion however the effect may not be so bad.