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June 1, 1941

I had dinner with Lt Sid Huff USN and we talked about the 21-months ongoing war in Europe.  By this time, virtually all Europe from eastern Spanish border to Russia border are under the control of Hitler.  The British are fighting tenaciously despite continuous German raids.  The British radar system helps a lot.

Sid narrated how the British Navy had their vengeance sinking the vaunted German battleship Bismark.  Three days before, Bismark sunk the HMS Hood during an engagement between Iceland and Norway.  He also mentioned the death of former German heavyweight boxing champion, Max Schmeling.  He was KIA in the African front as a member of Gen Rommel’s forces there.

About our area, we talked about the continuing aggression of the Japs who already occupied part of Indo-China, several interior cities and coastal regions of China.  The Japs are emboldened with their pact with Germany and Italy to pursue their expansion program.  Public opinion in USA is mostly isolationist, they do not want to get involve in war.  I am happy to note, Sid is not isolationist.   He revealed that MacArthur and staff are concerned  as he was alerted by Gen Marshall, USA Chief of Staff, that MacArthur may be called to active duty if the situation worsens.