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August 2, 1941

My friend and OSP Advisor, Sid Huff informed me that their new USAFFE HQ is located at No. 1 Calle Victoria, Intramuros a couple of big blocks from OSP HQ at Port Area, Manila. MacArthur and his staff moved out from Malacañan to Calle Victoria where the US Army 31st Inf. is stationed. MacArthur’s rank as CG, USAFFE is only Lt. Gen. and he retired as full Gen. (four stars) as Chief of Staff, US Army before he became Quezon’s Advisor with the rank of Field Marshal. He got a demotion here but no complaints, according to his secretary Mrs. Sofia Adamson.

Q-Boat RON ONE completed its extensive torpedo training at sea during rough weather and our next schedule will be sneak attacks using smoke screens. I am looking forward to this one as it seems very interesting, “sneak attacks.” Manila News report that Joseph Broz alias Tito of Yugoslavia is emerging as the leader of the resistance against the Nazi. Tito is Communist. Pres. Roosevelt also announced that US Naval Forces landed on Iceland to prevent the Germans occupying the island. The Icelandic Gov’t invited the move which should assure US Munitions delivery to Britain.