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August 4, 1941

Our Q-Boat Squadron’s Tactical Training Sked this week is about night attacks against imaginary enemy landing ships at night which is the most advantageous using cover of darkness.  I am excited about this training phase.  Manila News says Britain breaks relations with Finland while the Soviets restore relations with Polish gov’t in exile in London.  And Judy Garland marred David Rose in Las Vegas.  All US Army personnel asgd. in the Phil. are under the so-called Phil Depmt. primarily  stationed in Ft McKinley, Ft Stotsenburgh, and Fort Mills (Corregidor).  At present, Phil Depmt. CG is M/Gen. George Grunnert; Phil Div CG M/Gen Jonathan Wainwright; Phil. Dpmt. Air Corps CG  B/Gen Henry Claggett; and Harbor Defense CG is B/Gen. George F. Moore.  Total US Army personnel asgd in the Phil. today numbered 1,478 officers and  21,098 EMs a total of 22,536 troops.

Incidentally, Ft McKinley was named after the US Pres. during the Spanish-American War while Ft. Stotsenburg was named after Col. John Stotseburg USA who was killed by Katipuneros of Quingua (now Plaridel), Bulacan during the Phil-American War in 1899.  Ft Stotsenburg is basically a Cavalry post and near it is the USAAC airfields.  A marker where Stotsenburgh was killed is in Plaridel near the local airport.