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November 28, 1941

Today I bought materials for eighteen triangle bandages to use in First Aid class. I rode to Mansion House pool on my wheel [bicycle], then read “Berlin Diary” which depressed no end as people out here are just as sure nothing will happen (that the Japanese will back down), as they were sure in Europe before each country fell.

I sent P120 raised through selling Christmas cards to the Manila treasurer for Chinese Industrial Cooperatives. We had dinner at Bev’s and Jo’s. He drew me out as to what I thought was going to happen but became irritable when I answered that very soon life would not be carried on as usual in Manila. He didn’t want to face it but was worried himself. We went to watch the Game crowd at the Baguio Army-Navy Club. It was significant that no Navy or Clark Field [Air Force] boys were there. Lorna W. has just lost her brother in North Sea action.