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November 28, 1941

Today all Q-Boats completed re-provisioning –fully refueled, torpedoes fully charged, depth charges all set, AA guns with the required ammo and adequate food supplies to comply with the directive on “war footing.“  Effective yesterday, all boats dispersed with Q-111 at Pier 3, Q-112 at Pier 5 and Q-113 at Pier 7 before sunset throughout the evening, returning to Muelle del Codo 0700 following morning.

USAFFE HQ also made some reshuffling of Commanding Generals for Phil. Dept. USA & Northern Luzon Force, USAFFE.  Maj. Gen. Jonathan Wainwright USA turned over command of the Phil. Department with HQ at Ft McKinley to Brig. Gen. Maxon S. Lough USA. Gen. Wainwright  took over as the new Comdg. Gen. Northern Luzon Forces USAFFE from Brig. Gen. Edward E. King USA who became the Chief of Artillery for USAFFE.

Today, the transport, President Harrison, is proceeding to Chingwangtao, China to get the remaining 16 officers and 178 Enlisted Men EM detachment captured by the Japanese that belongs to the US 4th Marines.