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December 10, 1941

The scramble for transportation continues. We send a convoy of trucks into the field with ammunition, and the Division C.O. grabs the convoy and keeps it. This has happened on several occasions. Divisions have been told not to take buses owned by the fleet operators. I know they are also violating this order. I know that there are over 700 big buses on Luzon but we can account for only about 500 thus far—answer, the Divisions have them. In spite of this we are moving troops, ammunition, and subsistence into position for defense. Saw my first group of Japanese planes today. They passed over Manila at an altitude of about 20,000 feet. AA fire was short. Machine guns and 37 mm wasted ammunition by firing at them. The planes bombed the bay, but did no appreciable damage. Then turned and bombed Nichols Field again, and thereafter Cavite. Big fire there, apparently oil judging from quantity of smoke. City hasn’t been bombed yet.