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December 10, 1941

We received a hard hitting as the planes seared the sky. On one of my way trips to the Palace, I stayed to arrange the schedule of cooks and boys, many of whom had already left Manila. I do not know why I bothered with these details.

Even at Marikina, in the days of harrowing hideout, the family maintained its high spirits. At one time Aurora, the oldest child in the family, had childishly expressed the desire to see the boyfriend of her childhood nurse. The day of the young man’s visit coincided with one of the many crucial meetings of the President with the members of the Cabinet. Attracted by the girlish commotion, he stepped out to investigate the source of the excitement. When told that “Laby’s boyfriend was on a visit,” he too peeked into the room to take a look at the visiting swain. Soon, all the members of the Cabinet had done the same.