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December 12, 1941

Japanese landings in Legaspi and Davao reported.  Ft. Wint and Olongapo also bombed.  I am saddened when my boss and idol Maj. Andrada USNA ’30  turned over his OSP command on orders of Gen. MacArthur two days ago to his ExO Captain Enrique L. Jurado USNA ’34.  I thought Andrada’s relief is unfortunate. He placed the Q-Boats on war footing last Nov. 27 on his initiative.  His new assignment is as Ft. Wint Comdr.

The Q-Boat Squadron is assigned to patrol inside Manila Bay waters while PT RON 3, the China Sea Approaches to Corregidor and assist the Harbor Defense Command of Gen. Moore.  The approaches to Manila Bay west of Corregidor are mined.  A narrow channel serves as entrance and exit to Manila Bay an one of the PT jobs is to guide those vessels not familiar with that channel.

During the Japanese landings in Northern Luzon, Capt. Colin Kelly of the FEAF is credited with bombing and sinking an enemy battleship.  He was killed after his plane was shot down. Pres. Roosevelt promised that Capt. Kelly’s one year old son will be eligible to enter West Point when he comes of age, his Dad’s alma mater.