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December 12, 1941, Friday

Still no word. Called North Negros to ask Mr. L.O. if he knew whether Jim would be located at Manaplat when he did return. (Jim was to decide in Manila where his new work would be.) I was to buy groceries for the future, cases of milk and large supplies of canned goods if we did not move. Mr. O. said he knew nothing of Jim’s plans but would try to find out from Manila or floilo and would call back. Mrs. O. called at noon to say unable to get message through. So I got a few groceries, powdered milk, canned vegetables, canned meats, matches, flashlight batteries, cigarettes for Jim. Manager of the Chinese grocery, La Pepito de Oro, said they were no longer selling on credit, but when I told him husband was in Manila he permitted this one order. Mr. Kanga, the manager, said that a Mr. Luis Yangco had bought $700.00 worth of groceries, taking every can of powdered milk in the store. They were selling what groceries were left, in small amounts only (for cash) so more people could buy.