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December 15, 1941

We had two air alarms early this a.m. and another about noon today. The first two were false alarms as far as we were concerned, as all enemy planes were north of here. The third alarm was a real one and two groups of Jap planes flew over but kept on going. I don’t know where they were headed for as I couldn’t hear any explosions, and received no report of damage. We all take to the shelter when planes head directly for us. We have an old tunnel in the wall and it is fairly secure. It is directly under us so is quite handy. I imagine a direct hit over the tunnel would cave it in, but don’t expect such a thing to happen. All the other Headquarters here have moved to more spacious and less exposed quarters, but we are staying in our present location—for the time being at least. Our supply situation is all right for the time being, but we can never overcome the handicap caused by lack of motor transportation. We have all there is, but we can’t keep it up indefinitely as the civilian population has to be cared for, and food must be moved to civilian centers.