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December 24, 1941

News and what happened today are devastating.  I learned that the simulteneous Japanese landings two days ago in Lingayen Gulf and Lamon Bay were not difficult considering the enemy have superiority in the ar and at sea.  They are expanding their beach gains and my thoughts are with my classmates Lt. Ed Navarro wth the 71st Div. in Lingayen Gulf area and Lts. Job Mayo, Fred Filart, David Pelayo and Joe Javier with the 1st Reg Div. in Lamon Bay area.

The Alert Order given for the Q-Boats two days ago was rescinded and the new order is to escort the S.S. Mayon to evacuate ranking officials of the Phil. gov’t led by Pres. Quezon and US High Commisioner Francis B. Sayre from Manila to Corregidor as the new seat of gov’t. Gen. MacArthur declared Manila an Open City and USAFFE HQ is also transferring. S.S. Mayon docked at Corregidor north wharf safely at 2000 H today under the protective eyes of the three Q-Boats.  The US Navy 16th Naval District HQ had moved to Corregidor three days ago.

USAFFE HQ also ordered that War Plans Orange 3 (WPO-3) be enforced. This old plan was opposed by MacArthur and I am surprised the order came out.  It is a defense plan of the Philippines in case of invasion, the country generally believed to be indefensible. The plan calls for the withdrawal of troops to Bataan, defend Luzon by delaying tactics for six months with support from the Asiatic Fleet and USAAC until needed relief from USA reaches the Philippines.

At present, we have no Asiatic Fleet nor USAAC.  Only nine Torpedo Boats are available. What now?