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Dec. 25, 1941

Some Christmas — full of inconsistencies; bombs fall on nearby targets — missed Corregidor completely — on Christmas eve. Today it is quiet — up to now — We are preparing to eat a turkey dinner. Imagine! Turkey in the trenches! But the birds were in the food reserve and no better time could be found to eat them. If the Japs bomb them, they’ll suffer for it!

We had a Christmas tree too, a small one that Lt. Poce (?) brought from his quarters. I am not taking part in decorating it. I want to do that with you and Rita.

We are trying to find ways of cheering the men — I mean make them realize how much it is worth while to fight for the preservation of such institutions as Christmas symbolizes — Captain Ames is going to talk to them in a little while.

There is no use in trying to hide the gravity of the situaiton. We are heavily outnumbered. The threat will become worse as days go by — But we are unafraid. We got some help from the Dutch at Davao the other day. Still the situation is decidedly grave. We will do as HongKong and the others have done — to the bitter end.