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December 25, 1941

What a Christmas!!! Not a thing to remind me that it is Christmas, except the date. Presents from the States didn’t arrive, so had nothing to open. We moved from the tunnel today to one of the big concrete barracks on the top of the highest hill here—called Topside. There are three levels— Topside, Middleside, and Bottomside. We are now right on top of Topside, and the view is magnificent. It seems a shame to spoil a beautiful scene such as this with the ruins which I know from experience will follow when the Japs get down to work with their big bombers. All the general officers are in one room here on the main floor. The barracks are reinforced concrete and give one a false sense of security. I say false, because I am sure that demolition bombs will go all the way through all three concrete floors of this building. We are going to set up a mess here, and will sleep on the second floor. I have a rear echelon down in the tunnel so we will be prepared to operate there in case of need. Only the four G’s with one clerk each—Chief of Staff and C.G.—are here. Others down below. Deputy G’s, and one member of each General Staff section is back in Manila cleaning up shipment of supplies here and to Bataan. We have to get out all possible supplies from Manila, and it is a terrific job.