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Dec. 26 to 31, 1941

I have been issued a brand new car, Chrysler Sedan, 1942 model for my own official use; have a driver also; nights are now very exciting, sky is red with reflection of burning oil tanks which we set afire, some got out of control and burned many houses; also floats down the river and will probably burn buildings on river bank. There are many guns and revolvers in the office, every night is some shooting by our guards who shoot at collaborators who fire rockets as signals. Some times I take gun and do a little hunting myself but we never find any dead ones. The Jap planes fly lower now that they know we cannot hit them and the bombings are in daytime. I went with Miss Anne Nelson on a mission to Ft. Santiago, found it empty except for Signal Corps in one of the lower vaults. Next day the Japs bombed it. I saw the bombing of the walled City many were killed in the church and Treasury Building. Every evening the casualty reports come to my desk; also I know how things are going very badly at the front. The call for supplies show only about 3000 troops holding south line and only until about Jan. 3rd. We are now taking care of many stragglers and wounded who are brought in in private cars, feed them at our mess and send the wounded to the Philippine General Hospital. The Col and other officers when to Bataan between Dec 26 and 30th. We who are left behind know we will be prisoners and some of those who went believe we will be worse off than they, it’s not going to be any fun. We have orders to remain on duty as long as possible and when the Japs come to the office to surrender. I am sure worried about the family, what will become of them? I am taking home some rations but do not have much room and also am afraid if have much stock will be looted and the family injured.